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North Cyprus Accountant – Celebioglu&Co Chartered Accountants

North Cyprus Accountants – Celebioglu&Co Chartered Accountants

Celebioglu & Co. Chartered Accountants is a leading Accountancy firm in North Cyprus (TRNC) situated centrally in the capital – Nicosia. We are the leading firm among the North Cyprus Accountants. Our clients enjoy complete solutions in Accountancy, Audit, Tax  and Advisory services. Furthermore for our international clients we provide international tax planning.  We offer tax efficient company structures at both local (North Cyprus) and international (London, Dubai, Hong Kong etc…) level. Since our firm deals with all the complexities of regulation you can focus on your work.

Whether your investments are in North Cyprus or anywhere else in the world, our office is capable of providing you services that will rival that of top firms in London or New York with additional personal touch. We are aware of newest trends in the business world whether it is influencer marketing or authentic branding.  We are regularly covered by local and international news outlets (See Press for more).

We make sure that you leverage the best tax structure for yourself and your companies. You can also benefit from same legal structures used by international businesses and high net worth individuals. Our team is up to date with government compliance requirements, banking and financial services, residency and domiciliary requirements. With us you know that you are benefiting from the latest regulatory changes all over the world.

As a team of dynamic professionals we all have work experiences in international financial centres such as London, Dubai and New York. Consequently our team consists of individuals with globally renowned qualifications and experiences. We set the highest standards in professional services in Cyprus.

In addition, we provide tailored solutions to each client. Our services will continuously help you develop existing operations with minimal tax burden. We allow investors to concentrate on business development while we take care of all non-core functions. Among North Cyprus Accountants we have the widest range of services. We ensure you get all your professional service needs at one reliable and professional place.

 Why should you work with Celebioglu &Co Chartered Accountants?

We are operating as an Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales –  ICAEW Member Firm. We are one of the few Accountancy Offices, including Turkey, with such credentials. Therefore you know that you are getting your money’s worth in professionalism and due care with highest ethical standards unparalleled in North Cyprus.Kibris Sirket Kurma 2

We also aim to have the most qualified workforce to serve you better. Professional services that you will get depend on the quality of the workforce we have. Hence we have an ongoing cooperation with Association of Chartered Certified Accountants providing excellent trainee development services for our workforce.

IFRSAdditionally, our staff is up to date with its knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS and can provide you with accountancy services that will be acknowledged wherever your investors are. As you see from our internationally renowned qualifications, certifications and experience, we are aiming to provide you the level of service you can get at world’s largest financial centres from the warm and sunny climate of North Cyprus. Large portion of our client portfolio consists of international businesses and high net worth individuals with investments all over the world. Click here to access our latest article published in Forbes.



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