Accounting and Auditing

As «Celebioglu & Co Chartered Accountants», we help our customers to develop in all aspects of proper accounting records for the correct measurement of the effectiveness of the organization and pay the correct amount of taxes. Letting «Chartered Accountants» check your accounts, you will add credibility and prestige of the accounts of your company, no matter whether you are using the service agents or state tax authorities. Our young and dynamic team is globally qualified and can offer you a professional level of service that is unmatched.

We take the risk based approach in conduction of our audits, sharpening the focus on areas where there is a higher probability of error. The reports that we produce after the completion of our audit procedures, scope for improvement in monitoring procedures and any significant deficiency in the operation of accounting procedures of your company.

Possessing the necessary knowledge, expertise and skills of «Chartered Accountants», we provide customers with a full range of accounting and auditing services. We help our clients identify problems, correct mistakes and improve, to reduce tax liabilities and to develop business management.

Our audit approach

In conducting our audit, we follow the methodology of the audit based on international recognition of the risk.

We carry out our audit in four phases:

  1. Planning and risk identification.
  2. Identification and testing of control.
  3. Performing substantive procedures audit.
  4. Conclusion and reporting.

If you wish to change your account, from return cost to investments, then you have to choose to cooperate with Celebioglu&Co Chartered Accountants.