Real Estate Investment Advisory

We will assist you with utmost professional due diligence in your search and acquisition of property based in North Cyprus. Under Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus law, each non-TRNC citizen is allowed to purchase up to 12.35 Acre (5 Donum OR 5,000 metre square) land with one dwelling built on. The right to purchase and own property under your own name as a non-TRNC citizen is subject to approval from Council of Ministers.

Alternatively, you can set up a TRNC company or make use of Trustee’s in order to take title to a pre-allotted quota of 5 Donum. We can provide you additional information regarding how to use Trustee’s and use TRNC Limited Company to achieve such an investment.

Conveyancing process is different from that of other international locations. North Cyprus is a developing market that can offer higher returns to your investment with higher accompanying risk. We have assisted our business partners in the past to avoid mistakes made by many newbie investors. Some of the common checks you should do before going ahead with purchase of property are as follows (note: this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Work with reputable real estate agents with long and reputable history so to make sure you are not overpaying for property or land.
  • Make sure the property you purchased has been built by a trust worthy construction company and they hold a valid license for the year you have completed purchase. This is an indication that construction company is still in business and in good shape paying its fees to Building Contractor Unions and other relevant government bodies.
  • Your Real Estate Advisor (can be any independent Professional Services firm) should conduct Land Registry searches on the property to check the selling rights of the property, bank loans, any unpaid fees, and any disputes over the land property has been built on.

We can assist you along the complete purchasing cycle making sure  your investment is safeguarded and you would be able to avoid common pitfalls investors in the past has succumbed to.

Management Consultancy

From the conception of the idea we help the client test the market, name and form the Company, prepare the legalized formalities and produce the necessary books.

Thereafter dependant on the brief we are given, we regularly monitor and manage the business. From the very beginning we explain the accounting requirements for the business and help to complete the manual and computer systems necessary to control it. Without being intrusive we endeavour to protect and manage a client’s account. We prepare all the accounting and legal requirements and produce the schedules for the preparation of an audit and where necessary the financial statements required for the business.

Company Law Advisory

We recognise the importance of company law and knowing and understanding the specific requirements of each business client so the legal advice and service you receive is fast, efficient and professional.

The Companies Law of North Cyprus closely resembles the United Kingdom’s Companies Act 1948 and provides for private companies, exempt private companies and public companies. All companies are required to register with the Registrar of Companies.


We offer a wide range of training services suited to your organisation’s specific requirements. In doing so, we work closely with you to determine the most suitable course of action and devise a training programme accordingly.

Examples of tailored training courses across a variety sectors:

  • Implementing a service-oriented management style across the board in the Hospitality Industry
  • Performance Management
  • Human Resource Management