In 8 Steps Free Zone in Cyprus

On an international trade platform, there is a discussion about free zones within the borders of almost all countries. While there is a limited effectiveness of public authority over companies stationed in these regions, many exceptions are also applied. Of course, free zones are not available in all country.

Generally, countries on trade routes and part of the transit-marketing network with countries that want to support export-based economy are required to use the free zone system.

Free zones in Turkey

Free zones are also available in Turkey, in practice; the function of free zones is no further than the bonded warehouse. Moreover, a company engages in selling goods to Turkey (inside Turkey) that is in the free zone does not provide an advantage because it loses all free zone exceptions if the goods or services leave the territory. In fact, this situation is not different in Cyprus, too. It is not able to benefit from free zone exemptions if a company sells the goods or services inside Cyprus.

The difference of the free zone in Cyprus

The TRNC government does not apply any tax to a company and the company is exempt from major costs while processing of selling any product or service outside of Cyprus. In Free Zone with these advantages, it offers unique opportunities to business owners with many extra advantages on this ground. Let us specify the advantages of being a part in Free Zone in Cyprus, which provides to a company.

1- Easy Establishment

There is a very short bureaucratic process to establish a company in Free Zone in Cyprus. It is very easy to set up a business in this country compare to Turkey. Almost everyone can apply and set up their business within hours. Of course, it is valid for experienced ones. If you do not have any experience incorporating company, it would be helpful to consult with an agent-consulting firm. You can get information about the documents and process required to establish a company in TRNC in following site:

2 – Tax Advantage

Free Zone is a place that there are no tax sanctions in sales inside and there are some tax exemptions in sales outside. There is no taxation on services such as digital sales and consultancy from Cyprus to Turkey because of the condition of without entering customs clearance services with impossibility of opponent country’s tax demand.

3 – Zero Bureaucracy

Free Zone in Cyprus is a place where you can manage company with almost zero bureaucratic obstacles. You can fast continue the routine activities of the company that you would like to set up here and you are not face any public frustration. Even in an extraordinary circumstances, there can produce a quick solution thanks to Free Zone exceptions in Cyprus.

4 – Direct Integration to the Global Financial Network

Cyprus has a very important place inside the regional financial system. You can transfer and receive money from Cyprus to any country in the world. Moreover, money transfers from Turkey to Cyprus like transfer inside Turkey you can do it in an affordable cost. If you set up company in Free Zone in Cyprus, you can receive your money via electronic transfer or credit card and store your money in Cyprus or transfer it to Turkey easily.

5 – Low Operational Costs

Free Zone in TRNC has founded in order to provide services for companies in reasonable costs. On these circumstances, while many services in most appropriate conditions have submitted to the company, virtual offices have almost no cost. On this way, the advantage is taken from tax will be spent on another channel.

6 – Off-Site Management

You can manage your business without being in Cyprus with the help of Middleman Company’s consultancy support in Free Zone in Cyprus.  In addition, it is possible to manage your company with the same tax advantages whether you are in Turkey or in another country. Detailed information on this subject you can reach on our website Incorporation Company in Cyprus.

7- Rapid Access

If you are going to establish a physical operation in the free zone in Cyprus and you are actually here, you will still have a great advantage. Access to Cyprus from Turkey is very easy and you can even visit frequently at regular intervals if you wish.

8-Extensive Consultancy Support

Middleman Consultancy Companies offer you an extensive support, company foundation and management support, in order to set up a company in Free Zone in Cyprus. By this way, it is possible to have all advantages mentioned above from a distance without leaving your seat.


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